Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Glamour Girl's Wish List Part 2

Part 2 of the wish list compiles the November entries from our Facebook fan page.

Between now and December we'll be posting the items we think any glamour girl or pin up would covet for her wish list! Stay tuned because you never know what will show up in your news feed or when!

#7 Hey, we may not be able to really look like Petty Girls in real life (mostly because Petty painted his models with longer legs and smaller heads than normal human beings actually have), but you can sure try! Petty aficianados know that 95% of his pin ups are shown chatting on the phone.

Real vintage phones are getting hard to come by without spending a few hundred bucks, but fear not! There are reproduction versions available for less - both corded and cordless - and some are even available in modern color choices.

Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Teen offer these two cordless options:

Grand Cordless Phone - office model
From Pin Up Finishing School NYC

Grand Cordless phone - bedroom model
From Pin Up Finishing School NYC

They are $129 and $99 respectively. The choice is bigger and less expensive if you want to go with the more authentic corded variety.

The Crosley desk phone comes in a variety of colors including pink and turquoise for around $45:
From Pin Up Finishing School NYC
Crosley Corded desk phone.

You really can't imagine the sensation this little number caused when Bell Telephone introduced it in the late 50's. Oval? Colors? What are they thinking? It's the classic Princess style (wish someone would do this in a cordless). This one can also be found in the $45 range:

From Pin Up Finishing School NYC

If you really want to go authentic there's this awesome speciman from www.vintagephone.com. It's an Automatic Electric 1940's wall phone for $275:
From Pin Up Finishing School NYC

Yes, the picture is the right way around!

If you're one of those little Generation Z (for zygote I suspect ;-)) young 'uns who just think a landline is too L7 there's always this retro-styled headset for your cell phone for $45:
From Pin Up Finishing School NYC

Happy talking!

#8 Want to have yourself painted as a pin up or do something special for your hubby, wife, significant other, mom, sister...ok just about anyone? Well then Miss Anna Cas comes to the rescue! Not only can she paint you as an adorable pin up girl as she did me (see below), she is also offering special paintings of you and your honey, or mom and child. Only $20 for your own personal profile portrait!

From Pin Up Finishing School NYC

From Pin Up Finishing School NYC

#9 Normally when it comes to the holidays I'm a traditionalist; live tree, turkey dinner with all the trimmings, waiting until Christmas morning to open your presents. I could be sorely tempted to make an exception for this:
From Pin Up Finishing School NYC

I can't even begin to imagine the retro glamour this could bring to my living room! I would probably pass out from the overwhelming gorgeousness and the myriad decorating possibilities! Available from Treetopia.com they come in pre-lit and unlit versions. The pre-lit 6 footer is on sale now for $219.00 and the unlit 6 foot for$169.00. Treetopia has something for everyone from the traditional to the whimsical and offers trees not only in pink, but in black, orange, purple, blue, silver tinsel and the red/white/blue Stephen Colbert National Treasure tree and all in a variety of sizes!


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