Thursday, June 18, 2009

Glamour Girl Accessories!

No Glamour Girl's vanity table is complete without adorable and glamorous acessories! Those marketing geniuses at Benefit are a pu up's best friend in this department! From their fabulous all-in-one powder/blush/lipstick compact of nearly ten years ago, to foundation cases that look like records in boxes that look like record players these ladies know their stuff.

The latest entry into the "OMG, I need that!" sweepstakes is a gorgeous set of Eau de Toilettes that come in atomizers that look like (wait for it)...COCKTAIL SHAKERS!!!! As if that wasn't squee-inducing enough, they come in these ingenious little boxes that look like the outside of a house on the outside and open to reveal the cocktail shaker atomizer in it's natural habitat; a chi-chi living room!

Called the Crescent Row Collection, at $36 this is one accessory every Glamour Girl can afford!

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