Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pin Up Beauty Tip Of The Day - The Beauty Accessory EVERY Glamour Girl Needs

So what is it? What is the one beauty accessory every Glamour Girl needs? It is a particular mascara, foundation, powder? Nope, none of the above. It's a Sephora Beauty Insider Card!

I can almost hear you saying, "But Rocket, it's just another marketing loyalty card like the one I get from the drugstore and the supermarket." Ok, maybe it is, but do you get free, high-end beauty stuff from the drugstore or the supermarket? Chances are, no.

Besides the fact that Sephora is the Holy Grail of cosmetic stores did I mention YOU GET FREE STUFF? Where else would you be allowed to run around and play with awesome department store cosmetic brands like Too Faced, Smashbox and Benefit without the hard sell, someone hovering over you every minute and having to request what you want from behind the counter as if you were a child having to be doled out your daily cookie?

And for every dollar you spend, you get a point. When your account reaches 100 points you're eligible for premium samples and gifts. So far I've gotten a really nice foldable Sephora shopper, a full sized Urban Decay liquid eyeliner and Philsophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser, among other things.

In addition, you get special offers on products that are only for Sephora Beauty Insiders. You can earn points for in-store AND online purchases!

If you are a make-up addict like I am, then why not be earning points towards free stuff while you're chucking your disposable income at Sephora in the pursuit of the mascara that won't wind up half way down your face or the perfect eyeliner brush?

Sign up online at!

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